Our in-house artists can paint a bespoke gift for you...

Sometimes you just need a really unique present for a special occasion. Maybe it's a big birthday, an anniversary celebration, a wedding, birth of a baby or a way to say thank you to that brilliant teacher at the end of term. 

Whatever the occasion, we can help you to create a bespoke piece of pottery. Yes, that's right - we can paint it for you! We have a super-talented team of artists in the shop that can take your idea and paint it onto pottery for you. This could be a plate, a mug, a photo frame or even a vase or flower pot. 

Whether you have an idea in mind or want a few suggestions we can help you make a truly unique gift that will be treasured for years to come. Read on to find out more or drop us an email to discuss the options.  

Personalised gifts for special occasions!

How It Works

The first stage of the process is dropping us an email to let us know a little more about what you want and who the pottery is for. We will need to know the occasion, any design ideas you already have and of course when it is needed for.

We have a very talented team of artists in the shop, so if you don't have any set ideas we can also suggest designs for you. If you have any pictures of designs or styles of painting you like then this really helps our team get it just right. You can also nip into the shop to meet us, select your pottery and chat in person if that is easier (we do suggest this is pre-booked).

Once we have all agreed on the piece you want to create we get painting for you. There is usually a 7-10 day turnaround from agreeing the design to you collecting the finished piece. If we have to order in a special piece of bisque (unpainted pottery) or what you want isn't currently in stock, then please allow extra time for delivery of the pottery to the shop (deliveries are currently a little slow due to Covid-19). 


And that's it!

Just as an example we can create pieces for the following occasions / events:

- Birthdays

- Anniversaries

- Weddings

- Celebrating a new baby

- Teacher end of term gifts

- Work leaving gifts

- Corporate pottery e.g mugs or plates with your logo on it or 'We are on Facebook' plates

- Fathers day, mothers day and Easter presents

- Christmas gifts (including 'drinks for santa' plates)

Just email to send us an enquiry. 

A hand-painted pottery set completed for a customer in 2020

Special plates for teachers for end of term

Plates, cups, platters and bowls are available

Perfect for all special occasions and work events

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Fired Frog Pottery Cafe is located in St Johns just a 5 min drive from Woking town centre. There is free parking in St Johns Lye which is a 2 min walk away and regular buses from Woking town centre.


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